TST 1700 And Three Supplements Every Strong Dancer Should Be Using

For the modern male weightlifter, simply dieting and exercise is no longer enough to reach the highest level of performance. With the advancement of research and development of new supplements, athletes and weightlifters have the ability to reach new heights thanks to clinically proven products.

Although there are quite literally hundreds of products not all products are natural supplements that enhance testosterone. There are only four main products every male weightlifter should rely on to get ripped.

The 4 Supplements That Boost Testosterone

Whey Protein

This is a no-brainer. Every athlete, bodybuilder, or regular weightlifter should be using whey protein after they workout. Whey protein is a protein found in milk that can be absorbed (mostly) in around 30 minutes. This is why it is the go to post-workout supplement for millions around the world.

After a workout, your muscles are torn from heavy lifting or a long workout that accelerates the heart rate and stretches and exercises your motor muscles. They need protein immediately to begin the repair process and the growth process. Whey protein is the fastest way to supplement your body with the essential amino acids you need to repair and recover after even the toughest workout.


healthy-multi-vitaminsThe debate over whether multi-vitamins actually do anything has been raging for years, and its’ still not entirely known whether you could do without them. However, the latest data suggests that YES, multi-vitamins can – and are very helpful.

First and foremost, many of us have some form of vitamin deficiency because of the modern human diet. We’re all probably guilty of not eating enough vegetables, and as a result we need to supplement to ensure we get the proper nutrients in our body. Multi-vitamins can accomplish this easily.

Second, multi-vitamins are incredibly cheap nowadays, so the potential benefits grossly outweigh the potential money pit. You don’t need to spend $50 on a multi-vitamin supplement anymore – the regular $5-10 bottles will do just fine.

Fish Oils

Your muscles aren’t the only parts of your body getting broken down and worn out at the gym. Your joints actually take a significant beating – especially if you’re performing heavier lifts and more complex workout exercises (we’re talking about your squats, deadlifts, etc.).

The science behind fish oils is fascinating. Provided that the product you buy actually contains a high concentration of the essential omega 3/6 fatty acids, AND that they are in the right amounts, then you can help ease the wear and tear on your joints.

Ask any older guy at the gym and he’ll tell you that his joints constantly ache. Not supplementing and taking care of his joints twenty years ago is what did him in. Fish oils are a cheap, readily available way to potential prevent joint pain and inflammation down the road.

TST 1700 Testosterone Booster

The science behind test boosters like T90 Xplode is fascinating nowadays, and while previously thought as rip offs, research is steadily increasing that actually supports the use of these products.

You’ve probably seen advertisements for test boosters on the Internet and on TV. Products like TST 1700 and Test X180 Ignite are all over the place, and tens of thousands of guys use these products every day.

In reality, every guy could benefit from using testosterone boosters. These products activate your body’s natural production of testosterone to support your overall male health and vitality. They are NOT steroids and they are typically not banned either (6). So if you were worried about that aspect, then don’t.

Most testosterone boosters are completely safe, legal, and they’ve got the proven ingredients that’ll help you raise your testosterone levels and ultimately your performance. And when its all said and done, that’s what really matters.

This Is How Older Dancers Get Back In Shape With Abs After 40!!

Mark Mcilyar’s Abs After 40 product is perfectly designed to help men aged 40 years or above to get in perfect shape and muscular physique with 6-pack abs. The concept of the program is that middle-aged men can get in best shape through a custom tailored nutrition and fitness plan designed for their specific stage of life.

Top Reasons Behind The Difficulty Of Getting Abs After 40

Older men aged 40 and above find it challenging to get six-pack abs. But why?
As men grow older several obstacles affect them, including:
– Lack of energy
– Lack of time
– Poor nutrition
– More stress
– More responsibility
– Lower testosterone
– Doing wrong workouts

Low testosterone level is more likely responsible for older men having a very difficult time getting six-pack abs.

1. 3-Phase Abs After 40 System
This system details all the exercises done. These exercises are further broken down into 3 phases: – Fat Loss Jumpstart- Male Hormone Optimization- Full-Auto Fat Burning mode

2. Nutritional System
This part details which types of food to avoid and which ones add to healthy testosterone production. Included is a particular meal plan that outlines what to eat daily. The recipes are perfectly designed, taking less than one hour to prepare and don’t need any specialty or obscure ingredients.

3. Abs AFter 40 eBook : How to Deal with Common Injuries and Gym Problems
This eBook discusses the basic ailments among older men and maintenance of fitness program while nursing an injury. In addition, this part also discusses of supplements and vitamins that help in testosterone production.

The 3 Phases To Getting Abs After 40

Phase 1 (Fat Loss Jumpstart)
This phase involves restarting the body’s ability to burn-off fats. This is because from mid 20’s, your testosterone production starts to decline, declining ability to burn fat. So you need to exercise in a very different way than you did some years back. The workouts do not harm your joints.

Phase 2 (Male Hormone Optimization)
The second phase involves getting your body’s testosterone production back to its normal levels. This will improve your fat burning ability, and as a bonus, it boosts your sex drive, too!

Phase 3 (Full-Auto Fat Burning mode)
The third and last phase takes effect of your hard work. Powerful optimization methods perfectly balance your hormones, speed up fat loss efforts and make those six-pack abs a reality.

The Advantages In The Program

Abs After 40 is particularly designed for older men aged 40 and above. The program tries to solve the issue of gaining belly fat as you age due to the decrease of testosterone levels by giving the body the ability to burn that excess fat in the proper method to drop that ugly belly fat.
– This is a great natural way to increase testosterone production and it is 100% safe. The program has no dangerous requirements like testosterone replacement therapy.
– The workouts don’t harm your joints. Your body is very precious, and you certainly don’t want to increase the chances of injury.
– It includes a lot of nutrition advises. Definitely, working out and nutrition meant for a perfect body.
– The program is video based. Being able to watch Mark perform the workouts and walking you through everything makes a great difference.
– Another nice benefit of this program is the 60-day money back guarantee offered to anyone who purchases it. You have a full sixty days to try the program and get results.

Some disadvantages include…

– Well, one disadvantage with this program is your own way of thinking. Maybe you cannot accept that you are aging and you are losing the body’s natural ability of testosterone production.
– The program requires a lot of handy weight, time and effort to see better results. You need an investment of your time to get greater results.
– Abs after 40 is not designed for older women. Even though younger men can get some value out of this program, its design is only for men aged 40 years or older.

Mark Mcilyar abs after 40 is offering his product for just $97 for the first 500 men who buy it, then the price will rise up to $197 afterwards.
Enjoy the perfect body you had twenty years ago!

How Can I Minimize Muscle Soreness And Improve My Cardiovascular Health With VitaPulse?

After a long day of excessive work pressure, your body and mind need to take a break from stress. But, what if this pressure takes the better part of you? According to research, lower energy levels and excessive stress have a negative impact on one’s health. For instance, low energy levels make it hard to perform basic activities. The only way to deal with such problems is taking a rest. However, this option might not be valid to people who are always on-the-go. This is where Vitapulse comes in handy.

What Is VitaPulse By Princeton Nutrients?

vitapulse natural ingredientsPrinceton Nutrients Vitapulse is a natural supplement which offers better antioxidant support and assists the body with its basic functions. In other words, this supplement prevents the body from cellular damage and maintains standard cholesterol levels.

This product comes with three powerful ingredients that have a positive impact on your overall health. They include PQQ, CoQ10 and NAC. This makes it the best cardiac killer’ in today’s market.

Who Can I Benefit From VitaPulse And Its Ingredients?

This supplement is ideal for anyone who desires to boost his/her energy levels, heighten spirits or reduce fat. Excessive fat restricts movement and this makes it the best ingredient for heart attacks. This product is also known to prevent heart attacks.

This natural supplement acts an antioxidant. Rather than using regular antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, E and folic acid, Vitapulse adds in the following advanced antioxidants:

· N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) –
This ingredient is derived from the amino acid l-cysteine which is a protein building block. According to research, NAC may be an effective cancer prevention tool. It also reduces homocysteine levels and this prevents occurrence of heart attacks.

· CoQ10 –
This component is commonly present in anti-aging skin creams. When it comes to heart attacks, some studies support the idea that CoQ10 prevents buildup of heart attacks while others oppose this motion.

· Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ) –
This is a very powerful antioxidant. According to recent studies, PQQ tests have shown to reduce the size of damaged areas of the heart hence reducing the risks of heart attacks.

Benefits of using VitaPulse

· Better cholesterol balance.
· Protects cellular damage.
· Reduces heart inflammation.
· Reduces anxiety and improves sleep.
· Minimal muscle aches and soreness.
· Facilitates growth and re-growth of mitochondria in cells.
· Eases joint stiffness and pains.

How Does VitaPulse Aid In Preventing Heart Attacks?

The ingredients present in this product are known to be the best anti-oxidants. This makes it ideal for terminating free radicals present in the bloodstream. In addition, it cuts down inflammation and ensures there is a proper cholesterol balance within the body. The product is also known to boost metabolism which speeds up fat burning process. All these qualities make this informative vitapulse review the best for preventing heart attacks.

Are There Any VitaPulse Side Effects? Should I Take It?

The good news is that, so far, there are not side effects arising from using this supplement. This makes it safe for everyone. VitaPulse is a natural supplement which has zero side effects. Therefore, anyone can use it especially when stress starts to heat up. You can buy the product from the official website. There is a 90-day money back guarantee.

Visi’s Probita Certified Clean for Dance Athletes

Visi, manufacturer of health and nutrition products offering benefits from fruit native to Scandinavia, is proud to announce that their Probita product has been certified by the BSCG.

The BSCG, or Banned Substances Control Group, runs an accredited lab which tests nutritional products for substances which are banned by sports organizations anywhere in the world.

Athletes rely on organizations like BSCG to keep them within the boundaries of their contracts and/or their personal goals for natural performance and future eligibility for competition.

Probita has received the stamp of approval from the BSCG, which means athletes or anyone else who’s concerned with banned substances or impurities, can enjoy the product with confidence.

What is Probita?

Probita is a protein chew made of 100% natural collagen. Athletes focused on securing sources of Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein rely on Probita and now they can rest assured that there are no banned substances in the product.

But athletes aren’t the only fans of Probita, since it’s also helpful for anyone suffering from inflammation and pain. It’s a high-end collagen that’s highly compatible with the body’s chemistry and therefore easily absorbed for effectiveness. According to one Visi review, it’s clean and totally able to be absorbed and prepared with Visi’s trademark fruit enzymes.

12 years of research went into developing the final, perfect formula for Probita, so it’s with great price that Visi learned of the BSCG certification. The chews also contain natural enzymes, minerals, amino acids, and vitamins.

Dogs love Probita too, and it offers them stronger eyes and a shiny coat of fur. Probita for dogs also offers joint support as well as support for ligaments and muscles, just as it does for humans.

What is the BSCG?

When athletes or anyone else wants to be completely drug free, they turn to third-party testing organizations like the Banned Substances Control Group for reassurance. They’ve been in this business for 11 years and only recently made their research and databases available to the public.

They made their enormous databank available to the public because just as there’s growing concern in the cosmetics industry over chemicals and irritants, there’s also concern about the risks from dietary supplements contaminated with a number of things.

If you’ve heard of the Cosmetics Database run by the Environmental Working Group, then this is quite similar. The properties which the BSCG tests for include but are not limited to:

  • heavy metals
  • pesticides
  • ingredient verification
  • solvents
  • microbiological agents
  • claims on the nutritional label (verification)
  • over 185 prescription or OTC drugs, like pure forskolin
  • over 207 substances which are banned by sports organizations

Not only that, but the BSCG also tests for substances banned by the Federation Equine International (FEI) and the Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association (TOBA), which of course also have strict drug rules for sports.

Trainers and athletes from all over the world rely on BSCG to keep them healthy and drug free.

Other Visi Products Certified by the BSCG

Probita joins a growing list of certified drug-free and contaminant-free dietary supplements. Visi products have been granted BSCG certification in the past. They are:

San Jose Local Event Schedule: Empower Network Or Higher Traffic Academy

To those of our fellow San Jose entrepreneurs and marketing minds who are wanting to know how to build your brand and business online, have come to the right place. We receive a lot of questions and feedback surrounding David Wood’s Empower Network and Vick Strizheus High Traffic Academy programs.

high traffic academyWe are going to discuss the dance-off  differences between 2 of the Internet’s hottest marketing systems in 2015.

Empower Network’s flagship product is its’ customized blogging system, which was the first product featured on EN. Although there are two new versions of the blogging system (Blog Beast 2.0 and the soon to be released Kalatu), the core features and ideas behind the original blogging system remain. Then we will introduce you to a man that is extremely popular in his own right, Vick Strizheus, for helping people live their dreams by building sustainable online businesses.

If you’re a blogger or online marketer who wants to expand and grow a real online business, then the Empower Network (EN) Blogging System may be right for you.

We will get to the pros and cons of this powerful blogging platform as well as compare it to the High Traffic Academy:

Pros (and Cons) of the Empower Network Blogging System

empower network trainingIt’s simply and very easy to use: The main idea behind the EN blogging system is that is was meant for the common man to use. It doesn’t matter how unskilled you are at web design or coding – you’ll find using the blogging system very easy. Setting up your very on blog takes only a few minutes and you’ll be able to start sharing your ideas and knowledge with the world.

It’s fully customizable: There are various themes, upgrades, and plug-ins you can use to make your blog unique. Plus, you can customize your blog any way you want with the simple click of the mouse. You don’t need any knowledge of web design to customize your blog. Just click and select whatever you want.

It was created with marketers in mind: Having a personal blog is great and all but it isn’t going to make you any money. With the EN blogging system, you can instantly place affiliate links or banners throughout you blog to maximize your earning potential. Want to add a squeeze page to collect emails? Do it. Want to throw an advertising banner on your sidebar? Go for it. The blogging system enables you to maximize the value of your blog so you end up with more money in your pocket.

Cons (and Pros) of the High Traffic Academy System

WordPress is the only option: Although WordPress is the most commonly used blogging platform, there are still several others that may be preferred by bloggers. However, HTA 2.0 only uses targeted traffic generation tips through its platform, which means you may be out of luck if you prefer Joomla, Weebly, or any other blogging platform. Many people believe High Traffic Academy by Vick Strizheus will be one of the top selling products of all time in the San Jose local market due to its abilty to rapidly expand and execute on a mass level of growing your online presence.

Design options are limited: Although you can customize the HTA 2.0 funnel in whatever color scheme or format you desire, there are limited “general” features and benefits to choose from in order to start getting the right kind and quality of website visitors to your presentation. Therefore, you will likely have a funnel system that looks similar to someone else’s but be completely unique to you and you only, which most people do not know how to do on their own. Although new themes and graphics are constantly being added, you still may not find the right fit for you with other programs that differ from the core message and mission of Vick’s High Traffic Academy program. Remember the 2015 internet search volume on a global scale is expected to increase 10 fold by many experts. Make sure you position yourself in front of that wave for a long, lucrative year.

It takes time getting used to the blogging platform: Even if you are comfortable with WordPress, it may take extra time to get used to the blogging platform itself. With so many options and things to do in your control panel, you may feel overwhelmed at first. With some time you should feel more comfortable with the blogging system, which is trusted by over 155,000 people.