Visi’s Probita Certified Clean for Dance Athletes

Visi, manufacturer of health and nutrition products offering benefits from fruit native to Scandinavia, is proud to announce that their Probita product has been certified by the BSCG.

The BSCG, or Banned Substances Control Group, runs an accredited lab which tests nutritional products for substances which are banned by sports organizations anywhere in the world.

Athletes rely on organizations like BSCG to keep them within the boundaries of their contracts and/or their personal goals for natural performance and future eligibility for competition.

Probita has received the stamp of approval from the BSCG, which means athletes or anyone else who’s concerned with banned substances or impurities, can enjoy the product with confidence.

What is Probita?

Probita is a protein chew made of 100% natural collagen. Athletes focused on securing sources of Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein rely on Probita and now they can rest assured that there are no banned substances in the product.

But athletes aren’t the only fans of Probita, since it’s also helpful for anyone suffering from inflammation and pain. It’s a high-end collagen that’s highly compatible with the body’s chemistry and therefore easily absorbed for effectiveness. According to one Visi review, it’s clean and totally able to be absorbed and prepared with Visi’s trademark fruit enzymes.

12 years of research went into developing the final, perfect formula for Probita, so it’s with great price that Visi learned of the BSCG certification. The chews also contain natural enzymes, minerals, amino acids, and vitamins.

Dogs love Probita too, and it offers them stronger eyes and a shiny coat of fur. Probita for dogs also offers joint support as well as support for ligaments and muscles, just as it does for humans.

What is the BSCG?

When athletes or anyone else wants to be completely drug free, they turn to third-party testing organizations like the Banned Substances Control Group for reassurance. They’ve been in this business for 11 years and only recently made their research and databases available to the public.

They made their enormous databank available to the public because just as there’s growing concern in the cosmetics industry over chemicals and irritants, there’s also concern about the risks from dietary supplements contaminated with a number of things.

If you’ve heard of the Cosmetics Database run by the Environmental Working Group, then this is quite similar. The properties which the BSCG tests for include but are not limited to:

  • heavy metals
  • pesticides
  • ingredient verification
  • solvents
  • microbiological agents
  • claims on the nutritional label (verification)
  • over 185 prescription or OTC drugs, like pure forskolin
  • over 207 substances which are banned by sports organizations

Not only that, but the BSCG also tests for substances banned by the Federation Equine International (FEI) and the Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association (TOBA), which of course also have strict drug rules for sports.

Trainers and athletes from all over the world rely on BSCG to keep them healthy and drug free.

Other Visi Products Certified by the BSCG

Probita joins a growing list of certified drug-free and contaminant-free dietary supplements. Visi products have been granted BSCG certification in the past. They are: